Thursday 13 October 2011

wedding cake toppers

i made these for my daughter Amber's  wedding in march, Savneet is a mad golfer so he got the golf bag.
these are made from polymer clay and had several bakings to get them right,
they are about 6 inches tall.
the flowers are made by Kathy B of

some ink drawings by Chell

all designs are in ink and by Chell.
i have been doing these for about 15 years now, i am yet to sell any.

ugly cardboard chest redo

i bought this years ago and now it dosent go with the colour in my bedroom so i bought some wrapping paper and glue and recovered it, by tearing the paper into bits and gluing it on, turned out ok.

old wash tub

i bought this at the trash and treasure markets for $3, the brand is willow.

looks alot better after a good sand and paint, no idea what to do with it.

lamp to lolly jar

i had a old lamp witch didnt work anymore, i didnt want to toss it out so i removed the wiring, glue a circle of wood on the top, and added a glass jar, we now use it for a lolly jar

gone to the beach sign

i made this sign several years ago, using planks of wood, a bit of rope and a few nails, then i painted the sign, added sand paint to the bottom and hot glued on some shells and bits.

collected driftwood

i collect my driftwood every time i go to my mothers house at Tea Gardens on the north coast of NSW, i had so much and decided something had to be done with it, so i used the dremel to drill lots of holes and wire to thread the wood onto, didn't turn out too badly, i had enough to do 2.